Viettel Tourist 8D

Giá: 160.000 VND (~7,0 USD)

MI5D package: 500 MB available and 500 MB/day (subtracted from main balance)
Main balance: 35.000 VND, Data usage: yes, Calling: Vietnam domestic calling & global calling, SMS: yes

Feature Description
Network Viettel network operator: 2G/3G/4G
Size Nano/Micro/Normal
Carrier coverage Viettel 2G/3G/4G coverage whole citizen living in Vietnam
Click here to view signal coverage
Data speed High speed
(3G: download: ~ 8-10 Mbps, upload: ~ 2-4 Mbps)
(4G: download: ~ 20-25 Mbps, upload: ~ 10-15 Mbps)
(tested by using SpeedTest mobile application)
Click here for more detail
Tariff plan Prepaid
Pre-registered MI5D promotion package, 500 MB available.
Renew MI5D promotion package daily by subtract 5.000 VND from main balance.
Without consume for calling, sms, etc. data volume totally: 4 GB for 8 days. Global calling ~3.600 VND/minute, SMS: ~2.500 VND/sms.
Domestic calling: ~1.500 VND/minute, SMS: ~300 VND/sms.
Registration Pre-registered legally with our personal information (ourself own SIM)
Customer could use this SIM as rental service in 01 month period
To extend more than 01 month period rental please ask us online to confirm

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