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A new product: online TOPUP card
A new distribution in Hoi An city
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Viettel network operator get SpeedTest award for the Fastest Mobile Network in Vietnam
Viet5G grand opening

A new product: online TOPUP card

March 11, 2019;
A few customers asked: what happens if the data is used up?
Customers can feed data easily by purchasing the online TOPUP scratch card,
Then renew the registered data package (detailed instructions attached to SIM products sold on the website).
Don't worry, we are here to support you. Product details: click here

TOPUP card is being sold value of 10,000 vnd to meet all types of SIM products on our website.
TOPUP is done online, let input your phone number in the phone contact information field as below:

How to know my phone number?
This is done simply by pressing *101#, the phone number is displayed at the beginning of the response message as below.
and main account balance also is displayed following phone number.

To track the amount of remain data, regularly check by writing SMS content "KTTK", and then send to 191.
Your data amount is in response message ( in Vietnamese).
Should use Google Translate to understand the content in the native language.

A new distribution in Hoi An city

December, 08 2018;
Viet5G is pleased to announce the opening of a new distribution point in Hoi An city. Annually a large number of tourists visit Hoi An city, therefore we try to reach and bring telecommunication service closer to customers.
In addition, with the opening of a new distribution point in this city to help after-sales support is much more convenient.

Viet5G CEO - Mr. Pham Van An, said: "With our service, not only bring convenience to customers before coming Vietnam but also support the best after sale (when they still staying in Vietnam). Example, when data volume is exhausted without notice, customer should contact the support center directly for remote support (such as topup, or registering for a data plan, etc.). Not only support remotely, but also our representatives in cities support directly in 01 hour if support center cannot. By the opening of a new distribution point in Hoi An city, help support well more directly when customers have any issue. We not only have tried to bring the best product but also the best service to hope that our customers have nice days in Vietnam."

Here are some of our activities in other cities:

Singapore customer at Grand Silk Queen hotel, 36 Lo Su, Hanoi; +842439343636 English customer at Asia palace hotel, 44A Hang Tre, Hanoi; +842439264554
Leave SIM to receptionist at Smile hotel, 219/26 Pham Ngu Lao, Ho Chi Minh; +842439343636 At F5 House, 158/2 Xô Viết Nghệ Tĩnh, Ho Chi Minh; +84917135782

Australlia customer at Equatorial hotel, 242 Tran Binh Trong, Ho Chi Minh(+84 2838397777) Malaysia happy customer family

Viettel network operator get SpeedTest award for the Fastest Mobile Network in Vietnam

Viettel network operator is Vietnam's Speedtest Awards Winner for mobile network speed during Q1-Q2 2018. To win this award, Viettel achieved a Speed Score of 26.21 Mpbs, with average download speeds of 28.22 Mbps and average upload speeds of 13.56 Mbps.

According to SpeedTest (click here to view report), Vietnam network operator speed measurement is below report:

Speed Score

Network Operator Speed
Viettel 26.21 Mpbs
Vinaphone 25.64 Mpbs
MobiFone 13.07 Mpbs
VietnaMobile 5.10 Mpbs

Viet5G grand opening

September 1, 2018, Viet5G.com website is opened for customer who could buy online telecommunication product.
Being sold SIM cards is currently the best and the best selling products in Vietnam.
Global customer can use international payment such as Visa, Master, JCB card to buy product. Domestic customer can use domestic bank card to pay.
In addition, with directly and express shipping service in the most visited big cities such as Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang and Nha Trang, customer reach product easily and as soon as possible in 24h.

At grand opening celeberation, Mr An Pham Van - company CEO said that: our company founders are more year experience telecommunication specialists, so we deeply understand domestic telecommunication service to bring the best products to customer. Moreover, comprehend customer expectation, trend and hard - especially foreigners, we choose the best suitable and the easiest usage products for him.
To get customer convinience, we use directly and express shipping in 24h. It is very important for travellers because he stay one place only few days. Imagine if traveller book our SIM card in his country one day before the time arrive Vietnam, the ordered SIM card is placed at hotel reception desk beforehand when he come there, he only take it away to use. If he book SIM card in morning in Vietnam, it means that he could receive it in afternoon.
Further, our sologan is "no boundary", it means that we nonstop try to break and get over any barrier to bring perfect experience about telecommunication product and service in Vietnam to customer.

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