About Us

Viet5G is an ecommerce website that its owner is Hai Ha CSIT Ltd company (license code: 0108035343).
Our company founders are more year experience telecommunication specialists, so we deeply understand domestic telecommunication service. Moreover, comprehend customer expectation, trend and hard - especially foreigners, we try to bring customers the best products and services.
Our sologan is "no boundary", it means that our willing is to bring telecommunication product or service to customer without any barrier.

To foreigner - traveller or tourist .etc, we try to supply the best telecommunication product and service. Also try to find out an approach to get the best usage experience as that the native does. To do that, firstly we must understand customer requirement and domestic telecommunication service. From this we choose the best product and suitable for customer.
Moreover, with online support service 24/7, customer's question is answered anytime. This approach help customer more closer and easier to use the product and service.

In addition, it is truely convinient by provide directly and express shipping service in 24h in the most visited cities such as Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang and Nha Trang. By this service, we ensure that customer could receive and use product as soon as possible. It is extremely different with other providers in Vietnam.
We hope that by the time getting customer more closer to domestic telecommunication service.

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About Us